What types of rooms are available at Beachcombers Hotel?

Beachcombers Hotel offers a variety of room types including Cabin, Deluxe, Deluxe Room with 2 Queen Beds, Penthouse, Presidential, Suite, Super Deluxe, and Superior Deluxe with 2 Queen Beds.

Does Beachcombers Hotel offer any special services for guests?

Yes, guests who book directly receive a complimentary welcome drink and may have access to early check-in and/or late checkout based on availability.

What dining options are available at Beachcombers Hotel?

The hotel has its own restaurant & bar, serving a range of cuisines and beverages. Nearby dining options include The French Verandah Restaurant, Young Island Resort Restaurant, and Mangoz Restaurant & Bar.

Can Beachcombers Hotel accommodate conferences?

Yes, the hotel features a fully air-conditioned conference center that can host up to 300 people.

How can I contact Beachcombers Hotel?

You can contact the hotel via phone at 1(784)458-4283 or email at stay@beachcombershotel.com.

What amenities are available in the rooms?

Amenities vary by room type but can include mini-fridges, partitioned patio/balcony spaces, couches, desk spaces, and in some cases, kitchenettes and dining spaces.

Does the hotel have a pool?

Yes, Beachcombers Hotel features a beachfront pool and sun deck.

How far is Beachcombers Hotel from the beach?

The hotel is located directly on Villa Beach, offering easy beach access.

Does the hotel provide any special accommodations for high-profile guests?

Yes, the Presidential Suites have hosted Presidents, Prime Ministers, the British Royal Family, and Caribbean superstars. These suites offer luxury amenities and breathtaking views.

What was the original structure of Beachcombers Hotel?

The hotel began as a 3 bedroom family seaside cottage in 1990 and has since expanded to 56 rooms along with additional facilities.

What is the policy for early check-in or late checkout?

Early check-in and late checkout are offered based on availability to guests who book directly with the hotel.

What types of guests does Beachcombers Hotel cater to?

The hotel welcomes families, couples, solo travelers, business travelers, and friends.

Is Beachcombers Hotel suitable for guests with mobility issues?

The hotel has slopes and steps, which may not be ideal for individuals with mobility issues.

What is the view like from the rooms?

Views can vary by room type, with some offering garden views and others providing ocean views. The Penthouse Suite, for instance, offers views overlooking the hotel gardens and Villa Beach.

What makes Beachcombers Hotel unique?

Its family ownership, history of hosting dignitaries, location on Villa Beach, and range of amenities contribute to its unique charm and appeal.